Breaking through the silence – building a new community


In the last few weeks the reality of (sexual) harassment, abuse of power and intimidation at Dutch universities has come stronger than ever into public consciousness via a series of articles reporting on several new studies. This has culminated in a powerful piece of investigative journalism which exposes systematic sexual harassment by a law professor at the University of Amsterdam for more than 15 years.

Many people are upset. Especially those who share similar experiences. But there are still too many reasons not to speak up, publicly or within the institutions.

It is time to come together, support each other and find new ways to bring our stories into both institutional and public consciousness.

How do we, people who have been intimidated, harassed, threatened, discriminated against, find the courage to tell our stories? How do we have to organize ourselves in order to make it possible for people to speak up?

Whoever wants to join this discussion in a safe environment, please contact me via the form below.

Hoe vinden wij, mensen die op de universiteit geïntimideerd, bedreigd, gediscrimineerd werden, de moed om onze verhalen in de publieke ruimte te vertellen? Hoe moeten we ons organiseren om dit voor mensen mogelijk te maken?

Wie hieraan in een veilige omgeving mee wil werken, graag met mij contact opnemen via onderstaand formulier.

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