Abuse of Power and Neoliberal Academia

As I follow the wave of #MeToo stories while hoping the movement is going to spill over to higher education, I find myself reflecting on the larger issue of the different forms in which power is abused in academia. Academia has changed quite radically in the last thirty years. What is the relationship between the … Continue reading Abuse of Power and Neoliberal Academia

How it Hits You, Again and Again

A Story from Academia, Part II When I wrote about my experience of being bullied in academia, I revisited the events that have hurt me to the point of nearly crushing me. I engaged in rethinking how it had affected me and how it had affected others around me. As I wrote down these memories … Continue reading How it Hits You, Again and Again

Into the Silence

"We need to speak, if we can, so others can." (Sara Ahmed) Let me speak as much as I can. And bear with me... A colleague harassed a student in one place. Harassed and raped a student in another. He had to leave ... and got a job somewhere else. Faculty knew but was asked … Continue reading Into the Silence

“These Things Can Break You”

A Story from Academia* My burnout happened three years ago, and it took me more than a year to recover from it. I had to stop working because I had panic attacks, sudden stomach aches and I often began to tremble and break into a sweat for no good reason. I realized at a certain … Continue reading “These Things Can Break You”

The Inhumane Superego

A German Cultural Heritage I just counted. More than half of my German friends has been in psychotherapy, once or even several times, myself included. Some of these friends tell me, that this actually holds true for everyone in their circle of friends. This, of course, does not have to mean much, or it could … Continue reading The Inhumane Superego